Thursday, March 2, 2017

Has Anyone Seen God Lately?

So....have you seen God lately? I know, "It's impossible for anyone to actually see God." Well, that's true, literally, at least in this physical life. OK, so we can't literally see the ever-present, invisible God. How, then, do we "see" the One who is invisible? It's very possible, you know.

Things that are invisible are easily overlooked and ignored. I suppose that's a natural human tendency. After all, we live and function in a physical reality. However, the physical reality is not the only reality! There is a spiritual reality - one that we cannot see, but is just as real as the physical reality. Actually, the spiritual reality may be the "real" reality because it is the eternal one, the everlasting one, while the physical reality is really only temporary. 

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that proves the invisible is real, and this evidence is all around us, every day. Just think about what's invisible, besides the spiritual. For example, everyday you probably use your cell phone. If you had special magic glasses that could see cell phone signals, you would be overwhelmed by the intensity and volume of them coming back and forth in the space all around you. The same holds true for radio waves, over-the-air television signals, and every other mode of communication that is out there. You can't see the signals, but you can be sure they exist. Just because something is invisible, it does not mean it is not real. 

How about sound itself? Sound waves are invisible, yet when they reach our ears, we hear them. Another example is wind. We can't see wind, but we sure can see the evidence of wind - trees moving, objects being blown around. We can even feel the wind - it's invisible, but it sure is real.

This idea that there is evidence of an invisible reality holds true for the spiritual realm as well. You just need to open your eyes to see Him, or at least see the evidence of Him, at work. Sometimes, in the moment, you don't realize God is actively working in your life. Sometimes He doesn't show up in the way you expect Him to. There was a time when the prophet Elijah was waiting for the Lord to show up. Well, the Lord did show up, but in a totally different way than expected. Instead of with power and force, the Lord showed up in a very subtle whisper. 

 The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord. Look, the Lord is ready to pass by.” A very powerful wind went before the Lord, digging into the mountain and causing landslides, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the windstorm there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake, there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. After the fire, there was a soft whisper. (1 Kings 19:11-12)

There are times, however, when the Lord does actually show up right on the spot, in real time! Maybe it's in a moment of worship when you feel His Spirit touch you. Or maybe, it's a real-life situation when the impossible dilemma is solved in front of your eyes. Or maybe it's a close call where you've escaped danger and felt His protection. Or immediate provision when you were totally without some essential. Or immediate answered prayer. Or when you've experienced His blessings, His love, and His grace pouring down on you. Or in a moment of experiencing peace, knowing that He is with you.  

More often that not, though, reflecting back on your life is what brings out the realization that the Lord's hand was at work all along. It's the looking back in your past that prompts you to begin to see that He was with you all the time. Or that He got you through the tough times. Or that it was Him who worked things out for you  - things that seemed impossible at the time, or beyond all probability of happening. Or that He blessed you beyond what you could ever have possibly imagined or hoped for.

And what's amazing is that the more you begin to recognize the Lord's hand at work in your life, whether in real time, or reflecting back, the more clearly you begin to see Him. 

As Christ followers, we realize that we are children of God, adopted as His children. We are sons and daughters of the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords. And because of His grace, mercy, and love, He cares for us, He wants the best for us, and He wants to work things in our favor, as a loving father does for his children. One thing is for sure, if you are one of His, you can be sure that He will never leave you or forsake you. 

So what should be your response when you become aware of the Father's hand at work in your life, whether in the moment, or reflecting back? Stop what you're doing - and praise Him, and worship Him. And don't be afraid to boast to others about what you have seen Him do in your life - it gives Him glory, and encourages others in their own faith.

And as for now, keep your eyes open!

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