Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Bible's Secret Password

Years ago, a password was a secret word that you said to someone when you tried to enter into a locked door. Today, the password has become a digital entry, and has taken hold of the world. Everyone uses a password. I even have a password to get to my passwords!

Some cars have door locks that require a password instead of a key. Passwords on some phones are evolving from digital entry to fingerprint recognition. And the new iPhone will be using facial recognition as the password. 

Surely passwords have come a long way. But they have existed in one form or another for centuries. The ancients used secret codes or symbols to communicate messages. When the padlock was invented, the internal tumblers were a kind of password. Then came the combination lock, opened by a numerical password. 

In my opinion, the Bible has a password. OK, maybe not literally. Anyone with access to a Bible can freely open it, and read it. But I'm talking about a password to open, not the Bible, but one's heart. 

There's a difference between reading the Bible academically as a historical record, and reading it at a much deeper, spiritual level. The correct password unlocks it. 

What is the secret password? I'll give you a hint. It consists of 7 Letters, all caps, and one special character. No numbers.

The password is: BELIEVE!