Friday, December 13, 2013

The Chronological Christmas Story - 7 Day Bible Reading Plan

When's the last time you've read the Christmas story in the Bible? At this time of year it's something you should definitely do. It's not that long, actually. It's only found in 2 of the 4 Gospels. The Book of Mark and the Book of John don't mention the details of the birth of Jesus at all. Only the Book of Matthew and the Book of Luke talk about it. So below is a 7-day Bible reading plan that is in chronological order as far as how the timeline of events occurred. Read it at least once through before Christmas. There are some amazing, miraculous things going on in that story, so take your time and read slowly. Make today Day #1.

Day #1: Read Luke 1:5-25
The Birth Of John The Baptist Foretold

Day  #2: Read Luke 1:26-56
The Birth Of Jesus Foretold
Mary Visits Elizabeth
Mary's Song Of Praise

Day #3: Read Luke 1:57-80
The Birth Of John The Baptist
Zechariah's Prophecy

Day #4: Read Matthew 1:18-25 and then Luke 2:1-7
The Angel Appears To Joseph
The Birth Of Jesus

Day #5: Read Luke 2:8-20
The Shepherds And The Angels

Day #6: Read Luke 2:21-38
Jesus Is Presented In The Temple
The Prophecy Of Simeon
The Prophecy of Anna

Day #7: Read Matthew 2:1-23 and then Luke 2:39-40
The Wise Men
The Escape To Egypt
The Return To Nazareth
Jesus Grows Up In Nazareth

The more you read these scriptures, the more you really get a good knowledge of the true story of Christmas. Everything else aside from scripture is speculation. So....don't base your theology on a Hallmark Christmas card!

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