Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chronological New Testament Bible Reading Plan in 92 Days

OK - so I know many of my friends haven't read 'the entire Bible" - well now's your chance to read at least the New Testament - and in Chronological order - I want to encourage everyone to read the New Testament first, then maybe tackle the Old Testament later. The key is to be in the Word everyday. And don't worry about the 92 Day schedule, and trying to read too much all at once. Go for it if you want, but it is probably more beneficial to take your time.

So instead of thinking in terms of 92 days, just think that the numbers 1-92 represent the order in which you are to read the New Testament. Even a paragraph a day is fine, no matter how long it takes you.

The neat thing about reading the New Testament in Chronological Order is that it groups the books and chapters in historical order. For example, in reading about the life of Jesus, instead of reading Matthew, then Mark, then Luke, then John - a Chronological reading plan will mix up the chapters from all four Gospels and place them in order corresponding to the events in the life of Christ.

Another example would be reading through the books of Acts, which is basically the history book of the early church. Instead of reading all the chapters of Acts in order, a Chronological plan will insert parts of the Epistles (letters to Christians or Christian churches) that correspond with the events in Acts, in between some of the chapters in Acts.

Now understand that this reading plan isn't in perfect chronological order, otherwise it would mix up actual verses from different chapters in the Bible. It's more general - more by chapters than by verses. But it will give you a feel of historical order in which events are taking place.

May you be blessed by reading the Word - I know you will.

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