Saturday, August 10, 2013

Will There Be Music In Hell?

We know there will be music in Heaven. But will there be music in Hell? I mean, in Heaven, there is a vision given to us in the book of Revelation showing praise and worship around the Throne. There are harps mentioned. There are songs being sung. There is great positive participation. But in Hell? No mention of music. We can just it simply the fact that Hell is void of music? Or could it torture!!!

Think about it. Is there a song that you just can't stand? Is there a song that prompts you to immediately change the channel at the exact moment it comes on? Do you cringe, cover your ears, or even run out of the room when a particular song plays? Could it be, for those who descend to the pits of Hell, that not only is there torture, fire, and torment, but your most hated song continually plays, over and over and over and over. For eternity. Non-stop.

Now, sometimes, if you're like me, when a song you can't stand unexpectedly comes on, you cover your ears and hum. I've got news for you. No humming allowed in Hell. 

This is not to say that there is no singing in Hell. Most likely, there is a strong possibility that you will actually be forced to sing your most hated song. That's right, you will be forced to sing the song that disgusts you the most! At the top of your voice. Over and over and over and over. For eternity. Now that's torture! 

In Heaven, there are nice, new songs being created all the time. "And they sang a new song....." (Revelation 5:9). Everything is fresh and pleasant. But in new songs! Just the old ones, over and over again. And I've got news for you. These old songs won't be all your favorite oldies. They will all be a collection of songs that you hate with a passion. 

Now in Heaven, beautiful harmonies are sung by massive choirs. But let me ask you this. Have you ever sang next to someone who is actually a worse singer than you? (I know for some of you that's not possible.) Well, in Hell, everyone around you is not just singing your most hated song along with you. They are singing off key as well. 

By the way, in Hell, there is actually some background music playing all the time. In Heaven, there's also background music, but it consists of beautiful melodies. On the other hand, in Hell, all the background music, as well as all music there for that matter, is extremely out of tune. If it's one thing that is absolutely annoying, it's listening to an instrument that's out of tune. You guessed it. In Hell, everything is out of tune.

How about the genre of music, the style of music? What music genre do you like the most? Country, Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Rap, etc? Forget it. You won't be hearing any of your favorite stuff in Hell. No. Playing constantly in the background is the style of music you absolutely loathe. And when you hear your most hated songs being sung in the background, guess what? They will be sung by a voice that sounds exactly like whatever particular artist's voice you couldn't stand here on earth (In some cases, it may be sung by the actual artist). 

In Heaven, the instruments are beautifully made, and wonderfully played. The harps are probably made of solid gold with precious stones as decorations, and the sound is breathtaking. In Hell, the instruments are junk. Or worse, they are instruments you can't stand to listen to. For me, I can't stand the sound of bagpipes. I'm making extra sure I'm not going to Hell just so I won't have to deal with that! Maybe for you, it's an out of tune violin, or a screeching bugle, or a whatever is most detestable to your ears. Yes, that's what's waiting for you if you end up in the flaming abyss.

One more thing. In Hell, while all these terrible songs are being played or sung, there's an annoying, loud, disruptive sound every 15 seconds or so. Sometimes a horn, or a gong, but most likely a siren. And guess who's behind making these crazy noises? Satan himself! All the while laughing and taunting you. 

So, the next time you hear a song starting to play that you really hate, just remember, you're just experiencing a quick glimpse of what Hell will be like! And believe me, you don't want to go there!

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